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Advanced Technology

US9,611,718 Casing Valve

US10,006,269 Electroactive Polymer Operated Sleeve

US 11,486,508 Deep Set Safety Valve

US9,611,718 Casing Valve

Advanced Horizontal Well Completions

US10,435,986 Alternative method EOR Feature

US9,896,920 Plug and Perf Alternative

US9,689,247 Propellant Stimulation

US9,631,470 Piping Identification

US10,072,488 Smart Plug

US20180179119A1 Energetic Material

US10633959 Smart plugs

Advanced Horizontal Well Stimulation Technology

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US11828151 Device and Method to Stimulate a Geologic Formation with Electrically Controllable Liquid Propellant-Waterless Fracturing