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Kholder Development has outstanding team members and a network of industry contacts which allows us to taylor expertise to your project needs.

Kent Holder

As the founder of KHD, Kent Holder brings a wealth of expertise to the forefront of the oil and gas service industry. His long career began in the Permian Basin with Halliburton Energy Services, Kent has consistently driven innovation across various senior roles with industry giants such as Weatherford, Packers Plus, and Superior Energy Services. His comprehensive background spans front-line field operations, operations management, marketing, manufacturing, supply chain, and product development.

Kent’s passion lies in product development and pioneering new technologies that significantly enhance industry standards. He excels in transforming marketable concepts into profitable products through advanced problem-solving and leveraging his deep knowledge in engineering, strategic planning, and product management. Under his leadership, KHD has developed a methodical approach to problem analysis, utilizing both internal and external resources to create a robust portfolio of solutions that not only meet but exceed current market needs.

Throughout his career, Kent has contributed to numerous industry success stories and collaborated with renowned inventors and third-party developers, including National Labs, to refine and commercialize advanced technologies. His efforts have consistently resulted in products that deliver exceptional value in their markets.


Currently, as President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board at KHD, Kent is committed to applying his extensive industry experience to lead the company towards new heights of innovation. He is also actively involved in supporting local small businesses, helping them overcome marketing and operational challenges.

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